The starting point was our first optical-boutique in the historic neighborhood of “El Born” in Barcelona. It was 2010. And we expanded with our second and third stores in the now closed Bulevard Rosa, in the mythic Paseo de Gracia and in Consell de Cent. All of them in the core of Barcelona.

We wanted to re-create our spaces with a lot of DIY, until we had a very personal style to show off our selection of designer frames in the way they deserved.

In 2020, circumstances changed for everyone in the world, as in a movie. And our project changed too.

We relaunched the online store. And we closed physical spaces.

Our workspace is now that cyber universe that keeps expanding itself as the physical universe does.

Our wish is to continue offering you designer optical frames and sunglasses, independent brands, handcrafted product.

At Les Lunettes we pack our bags and go to international fairs in Paris, Milan, Munich … as we are glasses groupies. We bring back frames that are not fashion. They are unique pieces for people like you, who know that behind every pair of glasses lies a great story.

Perhaps it is the pair’s lightness, a hidden detail, an unexpected glint … The person who wears them shines and the person who looks at them wants to have a pair too, definitely.

We are here. To help you find those glasses that have travelled from craft workshops around the world to our drawers… and then to your face. Show them what you know.

What will you find in Les Lunettes?

Glasses you have never seen before

Glasses you have never seen before

Les Les Lunettes is a place for designer
glasses. Here you will find signature frames,
both national and international
that most likely, you’ve never seen before.
It’s very exciting
to show you the creators’
work, who perform with real passion

Quality, quality and quality

Quality, quality and quality

En el trato In the personal relationship with our clients,
in choosing the perfect frame,
in graduation and election
of the glass, in the fitting …
We make your glasses
become part of you
with total comfort

More than a trend, art

More than a trend, art

The glasses that you will try on
at Les Lunettes are not trendy.
They are unique pieces created by
designers-artisans from all over the world,
and they are small works of art.
Your glasses do not follow trends,
they create them