Folc Kokoro Rose Mix is a female model “Cat eye”. Strong but soft at the same time. The volume set on the front is very elegant.


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Folc Kokoro Rose Mix

Folc Kokoro Rose Mix is a female model “Cat eye”. Strong but soft at the same time. The volume set on the front is very elegant.

Folc eyewear, a sustainable manufacturing collection

Folc eyewear – sustainable manufacturing collection of frames and sunglasses for lovers of design and quality over branding.

The brand name “Folc” comes from Old English and means: Folk, People or Persons.

It is not chosen at random.

Its founder, Marta, chose this name to encompass all those people who love design and quality above the name of the brand itself.

Acetate sculpted frames

When the rest of us talk about “designing” a frame or sunglasses, Folc calls it “sculpting” because the final result is a piece with volume, playing with shapes and light to create a very special effect. This is actually an acetate sculpture.

Sustainability and proximity

Their headquarters are in a small workshop in the Poble Nou neighborhood in Barcelona.

A neighbourhood mix of “lifelong” neighbors, IT companies and young artisans. There is a great creative and innovative energy in the area.

One of Folc Eyewear’s premises is to try to be as local and sustainable as possible.


A manufacturing process is followed in which much of the workmanship is done by hand. This is done in a place in northern Italy surrounded by nature. One of the few places in the world with a tradition of handmade frames.

The lenses used in the sunglasses are from Carl Zeiss, lenses with color of very good quality, both in optics and UV protection. The acetates are Italian from Mazzucchelli and LA/ES. All the printed advertisings are made in their own neighborhood, Poble Nou. The photographs of their products and lookbooks are also taken by local photographers.

Here you can see part of a Folc Eyewear lookbook.

The whole process, from the first sketches to having the product ready to deliver is slow. It can take a year.

And each new collection is limited edition to avoid overstock and waste of material.

Our selection

Check out our selection of Folc eyewear.

If you don’t find what you are looking for, you can contact us by sending a message through our contact form.

You can learn more about Folc, by reading our post “Folc Eyewear”

Temple length

142 mm

Front width

143 mm

Lens caliber

52 mm

Lens height

19 mm


Pink, Transparent