MASAHIRO MARUYAMA 0079 belongs to the Kintsugi collection.

This collection is inspired by the Japanese art of the same name.

Kintsugi is a Japanese technique that involves repairing ceramic objects using gold or precious metals. This practice is rooted in the philosophy of accepting and appreciating imperfections and scars as part of an object’s history and beauty


You can appreciate the golden imperfections in the acetate.



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Masahiro Maruyama MM-0079

Masahiro Maruyama MM-0079 belongs to the Kintsugi collection.

This collection is inspired by Kintsugi art.

About Kintsugi

Kintsugi is an ancient Japanese ceramic repair technique that has evolved into a philosophy and art influencing contemporary design and aesthetic values. Unlike other repair techniques aimed at concealing imperfections, Kintsugi takes a different perspective by highlighting and celebrating cracks and breaks as part of an object’s history and beauty. The term ‘Kintsugi’ is composed of ‘Kintsukuroi’ and ‘Kintsugi’, meaning ‘repair with gold’ and ‘golden repair’ respectively.

This practice is based on the Japanese concept of ‘wabi-sabi’, which promotes the appreciation of imperfection and the transience of things. The repair process involves joining the broken fragments using a mixture of lacquer and gold, silver, or platinum powder. The metal used creates bright lines of color and textures that accentuate the object’s rich history and experience. Kintsugi not only fixes the broken object but also transforms it into a new form of art, highlighting its uniqueness and reminding us of its resilience.

The influence of Kintsugi on contemporary art extends beyond ceramics. Artists have drawn inspiration from this technique to experiment with different materials such as glass, wood, and metals, creating unique pieces that reflect the aesthetic values of Kintsugi. This philosophy of finding beauty in imperfection has influenced interior design, fashion, and jewelry, where cracks and breaks are seen as valuable and distinctive elements.

Kintsugi reinforces a positive approach towards emotional and physical scars, emphasizing their importance in shaping identity and life experiences. By accepting and appreciating imperfections, Kintsugi invites us to reconsider our notions of perfection and find beauty in what might be considered damaged or broken.

The philosophy of Masahiro Maruyama

From Japan, Masahiro Maruyama reflects the perfect combination of tradition and design. He creates great quality functional glasses, pieces of art for daily use. The small details in his frames make the difference. Asymmetric and incomplete designs

His concept: “Unfinished art – Finding beauty in the incomplet”

Pieces of art for daily use.

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Temple length

145 mm

Lens caliber

43 mm


26 mm




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