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Valentina and Gabriel are the soul of Portrait Eyewear. Two half Venezuelan, half Spanish siblings living in Italy. After years of experience separately, in 2013 they decided to join forces and create Portrait eyewear, their collection of art inspired designer eyewear.

Fusion of authentic craftsmanship with contemporary eyewear design

Their frames are handmade in Italy by craftsmen who combine traditional techniques with high technology.  Always in an environmentally sustainable way, both in terms of materials and energy efficiency.  And always respecting people with dignified work.

Their intention is the fusion of authentic craftsmanship with contemporary eyewear design.

With this they achieve an extraordinary quality.


Both are very creative and are inspired by art, in any of its facets. They are influenced by both established and emerging artists. Collaborating and promoting each other.

You can see this in many images of the brand in which portraits of these young artists are made in their environment with their works.

Here you can see some of Portrait Eyewear’s portraits of young artists.

Every collection, an inspiration


The Glitch series is inspired by video art. Glitch means “glitch”. It refers to interferences, pixelations, fragmentations, noises, chromatic dispersion…

In these models of glasses, the main material is flat steel. Worked in 2D as its source of inspiration are 2-dimensional images.


Neon art (evolution of Light art). Light, in this case neon, is the means of expression. Sculptures created by playing with lights, colors and shadows.

Each combination takes you to different emotions.

This series, inspired by this art, is created in acetate and is characterized by rounded shapes with special custom colors reminiscent of neon tubes.


The Art-Fakt series is inspired by retro futurism. The vision of a post-industrial future that, in different fields of art, permeated the aesthetics and functionality.

Balance between curves and sharp edges. Soft but bold.


The Classics series is for vintage lovers. It pays tribute to great contemporary artists in all disciplines, painters, filmmakers, musicians, etc….

Flat frames with sharp edges. Minimalist and personalized shapes with small handcrafted inlays. Made in acetates with matte or glossy finish.


The Essentials series is not inspired by any particular art movement. But in its essence itself.

Thin glasses with soft lines in single-color acetates. Both opaque and transparent. Highly stylized. Timeless.

Our selection

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